1° prix Egaltitude
"Intergénération 2011"
Lauréat du programme Impact d’Ashoka 2013
Finaliste du Prix Européen de l’Innovation Sociale
Budapest octobre 2013

Student questions

Is it possible to take up residence with a senior ?

No. For juridicial and fiscal reasons, you cannot take up residence with a senior. You'll have to check with your future school whether a residence is necessary before inscribing with us. 

Do I need to take an insurance ?
Pour entrer dans les lieux, l'étudiant est tenu de souscrire à la compagnie de son choix une assurance en responsabilité civile familiale,( RC familiale ) et une assurance incendie, dégâts des eaux.  - See more at: http://1toit2ages.be/fr/node/25#sthash.QIdWPdZt.dpuf

Yes, you need to take up an insurance for civil liability and for water/fire damage.

What if I need internet ?

If there is WIFI available you'll be available to use it, free of charge. If no WIFI is foreseen, you could have it installed at your cost if the owner agrees.

What about the kitchen and the bathroom ?

You will get space in kitchen and bathroom to organise yourself. 
Bathroom is often to be shared.

What if I want to go out ?

If you just inform the senior, he wont need to worry about you.

What if I smoke ?

For the well-being of the senior, smoking is not allowed inside.

Is it possible to have a friend over the visit ? 

Yes, but during the day only, and when asked beforehand.