1° prix Egaltitude
"Intergénération 2011"
Lauréat du programme Impact d’Ashoka 2013
Finaliste du Prix Européen de l’Innovation Sociale
Budapest octobre 2013


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download the senior-student charter (pdf)

download the family-student charter (pdf)

The aim of the association ‘1 Toit 2 Ages’ is based on a very simple idea: to match students (under 30 years of age) with older people with spare room in their accommodation. The resulting intergenerational living is based on principles of mutual trust, mutual benefit and enrichment. The intention of the association when putting students and householders in contact is to:  :

  • prevent isolation and loneliness through friendly co-habitation
  • increase the confidence of elderly people, and therefore help them to remain living at home for as long as they wish.
  • for some householders, to provide additional income.
  • facilitate access to cost-effective and homely accommodation for students.

The association therefore facilitates provision of student accommodation, in exchange for companionship and the reassurance of an ‘evening presence’ and possible share of the daily chores. 

Each arrangement is specific to the wishes and choices of the individual student and householder.  Whatever the choice of arrangement agreed by the student and householder this is a unique solution for student accommodation.

The friendly presence of a young person as a companion to the householder does not substitute for existing or future home-carers. The young person must not provide personal care to the householder (e.g. washing, clothing, giving drugs). Their presence at home at night may be reassuring but the young person cannot be expected to have responsibility for the welfare of the householder nor to replace the normal social expectations of the householder’s family (visits, assistance etc).

Our intention is to support the maintenance and strengthening of connections between generations, to their mutual benefit and enrichment.